don’t read this.

Trader told me he wants some more fun, well so do I.

This post will be somewhat detailed, but not really, because it doesn’t take much to make Trader look like my bitch.

Trader = Bold

Badboy you asked me a few weeks ago to join ACP 😦 It’s pretty sad how you’re acting like we’re irrelevant. I am ACP Leader, not a “usa leader” you’re living under a rock.

LOL. WHEN DID I EVER ASK YOU TO JOIN ACP? Stop making up lies, please. ACP can’t afford me. Why would I join that excuse of an army, especially under YOUR leadership. ACP has been irrelevant since 2013, everyone knows that, and it isn’t just my opinion, it’s a fact. You’re a sad excuse of a leader, given that role due to ACP’s extreme desperation/depression (Idk what to think anymore but its probably leaning more towards depression because Trader was promoted to leader lol)

I don’t know why i’d beg for money from someone who can’t even afford a good ownership. You have 1 server, Swat.

You didn’t beg for “money”, you begged me to buy you namecolor, and I have no idea why you would either considering its a virtual power. I guess that’s just your level of expertise. And I don’t remember there being a time where you’re supposed to buy your ownership, I’ll have to double check for you on that one. And, please bud, you have about 5. (Sorry about August)

When Apollo got Ice Warriors leader he fed off what was already going on. IW maxed 45-50 before Apollo and 30 after. What a good leader. Apollo cries in my PC everyday asking me why we aren’t friends and that he likes me. Even if Ganger did post the ausia events, THEY’RE STILL POSTED. Who cares, you’re still cheaters. Also, you’re like 19, you need to go get a life and get some friends because nobody in this community likes you and you. The only reason your army maxed 35 is because you are all a bunch of multi-log spamming idiots. If I was scared of you fools I wouldn’t be spamming these posts. But you guys cry to Sidie to delete them.

Apollo put more work and dedication into IW in a day than you have since you’ve joined ACP. I mean really, all you do is sit around all day raging on ACP site. Apollo doesn’t say anything to you at all, like I mentioned in my other post he can’t express himself more on how much he dislikes you. And again, the AUSIA events were last week, credited to last week’s score, for LAST WEEK’S top ten, so you mentioning it now really does not affect us whatsoever so i don’t know where you’re going with that. Please, prove we’re cheaters with clear evidence then ill acknowledge you, but until then I’ll just sit back and continue to laugh. And LOL YO. Who told you I was 19? I’m 14 and turning 15 soon, yet you’re about lets say 11 looking at your immaturity, telling ME to get a life when you sit behind your computer 24/7 trying to make ACP relevant while at the same time joking about school shootings where 100’s of very young people lose their lives. Yeah, I can really tell a kid like you just has a whole ton of friends, that’s real funny. And oh, I really was not aware you went around to EVERY SINGLE PERSON in this community and asked them whether or not they liked me, and whatever their answer would be, I would not care, so you’re not really insulting me, just sweating a little too hard kid. It’s ok, I feel your pain. Also when you said “you and you”, can you tell me who the other you is, because I’m mad confused rn 😦 Again, prove we multilog with legitimate evidence, then come to me. I’ll be waiting just like I have been for the past three days. You aren’t scared because I haven;t declared war yet. I bet if I went and declared war right now you’d shit your pants and go suck Mustapha for some assistance. Thanks for admitting you’re spamming posts, you’re an honest guy. And hey, I didn’t have to cry to Sidie, all I had to do was make up some bullshit story that if he deleted your posts permanently, I’d to the same, but it isn’t my fault hes a gullible asshat with no common sense. That’s something you’ll have to work out with him, its none of my business.

I gave you tons of proof, Badboy. You and all of your wannabes are all cheaters and should be taken off CPAC because you’re terrible. We aren’t “jealous” of you. We aren’t “Jealous” of the army of SWAT, an army that nobody likes and everybody wants to stay dead. You’re the one who begged for ACP Owner and I offered you MEMBER. Go cry some more.

Heres EXACTLY what you gave me:

1. A claim of a faked event we held LAST week, and is of no relevance this week AT ALL.

2. A false claim that Ganger uses Fort59 as a multilog, with no clear evidence to back it up.

3. Some other bullshit no one bothered to read.

4. Two pictures of some irrelevant kid named Rocks who fed you lies because he was pissed that we fired him from SWAT and that Pink Ninjas maxed 3+ under his leadership.

See when you sum it all up, it doesn’t really sound that appealing at all, but you seem to think it does for some reason.

News flash, me and my “wannabes” have stepped on ACP in every war the past three years and all you have to say  for yourself is that we’re a bunch of cheaters and should be removed from CPAC. That’s your excuse for sucking ass all these years? Wow, that’s lame. You are jealous of SWAT, because if you weren’t, why would you be posting multilog claims when we aren’t even at war and didn’t even provoke this issue? And I really couldn’t care less if people want SWAT to stay dead. We’re here and we’re the best, deal with it. And again LOL, I NEVER ASKED FOR ANYTHING FROM YOU, Y U ALWAYS LYINNNNNN LOOOL! And yeah I’ll go cry some more from laughing at this shit because I have been ever since I read your first post, my god this is funny lmaoo. Do you really have to make up such stupidity to support your cause, I mean I’ve never seen anything like it. Albaro was fun in August, but you’re the icing on the cake, no doubt.

In the last war that ACP had with SWAT, you guys claimed victory at every event even the ones we obviously beat you at. In a war again, I hope you’re prepared for us to ignore your petty and irrelevant armies cry for victory.

We claimed victory because we won every battle. ACP legit only attended two of them, and at those battles you maxed 10 and logged off after 5 minutes. ACP won only two battles, both being 8:00 AM AUSIA battles that SWAT did not attend. In a war again, I hope you’re prepared to get steamrolled with sizes you’ve never seen from us before, because I’m about ready to do it. I will force you to retire like I did to Albaro and you will wish your mother never opened her legs.

I would understand that Badboy, but you’re to stupid to understand that with people not on your chat and playing off the game, you can’t get perfect tactics every picture. You’re a fool, plus who would want to help SWAT? Nobody. Exactly. lol.


You also posted this picture to prove me wrong for saying that you get perfect tactics. Oh i’m sorry, the guy who was multi-logging 2 penguins accidentally pressed the wrong tactic on both while changing his tabs.

No, you obviously wouldn’t understand because you’re still saying the same things you said before when I already explained 100 times why we sometimes have more on CP than we do on chat. We don’t have perfect tactics, you just proved yourself wrong by posting that picture. Four people aren’t doing the tactic or doing a wrong one in that picture so elaborate more on how every tactic we do is perfect. You’re a moron, and when someone in ACP gets their head out of their ass and removes you from power, then maybe, just maybe, they can find at least one person with some sort of intelligence that can help bring the army out of the deep hole that its been in for the past three years.

Yes, I did prove you wrong, because you claimed that ALL of our tactics are perfect, and clearly they aren’t. And if you think one of us were multilogging and missed the tactic on our other tab, then why not go make another post about it, its what you do best!

Yay you just admitted to having fake ausia events and posting twice. What a good fellow.

Yes, I display integrity, something you strongly lack in showing. I admitted to it, but again that was last week, and has nothing to do with this week, so there isn’t any reason to mention it, I guess you’re just running out of ideas.

Yeah bro legit, I have Trader10, Trader11, Trader12, Trader13 that i give out when people don’t have any penguins.

Yeah, so I guess you should understand where I’m coming from then, no? 🙂

Yeah bro no proof besides you asking him to null chat. It’s ok

Yeah actually two pictures of him telling you that we asked him to put nulls on chat, not a picture of any of us asking him to, yea, that’s some solid proof bro. His word against mine, try harder next time for me, will ya? ❤

Now just like earlier today, Trader has displayed the large amount of stupidity that took him a couple days to think of, and is basically ASKING me to destroy ACP, but I am trying to hard to just to ignore him because I absolutely hate bullying SMAP armies.

ACP is one wisecrack away from getting annihilated and this time they will see the REAL SWAT, and much more than the 25+ we beat them with in August. (Pretty pathetic we only needed 25 to take their entire nation, but hey, its ACP xD)

Try me.

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