The Hunt For #1 [WEEK IN REVIEW]

Hello Agents!

This week, we continued to improve, and pretty soon we will be the #1 army. No one is doing better than us right now, and no one will stand in our way.

Training Session

Max 20+

UK Training Mission

Max 15+

UK March On Mammoth

Max 17+

Cleansing Of Outback

Max 23+

Unscheduled AUSIA Mission

Max 16+


Max 15+

UK Training Mission

Max 22+

Requested Top Ten Picture:

Hell Will Be Unleashed.

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

5 Responses

  1. no offense but that isn’t a #1 army performance dudes 😦 . Except if you mean SMAP #1 (wary)

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