Response To RPF

Alright so apparently RPF has declared war on us because their leader, Silverburg, has accused me of deliberately stealing RPF’s troops and asking them to join SWAT. This is not true. RPF troops tend to visit our chat lot, being that they are our only ally. Silver fails to see the difference between stealing troops, and them wanting to join your army. A number of RPF troops have approached ME and asked ME if they could join, without me having to say a word. I have no intention of stealing troops from their army, and I wouldn’t be as stupid to do so to our only ally. And this is pretty funny considering I saw a number of SWAT troops helping RPF in their recent tournament battles. I don’t know what they plan to do or what their intentions are, but we currently do not have any servers so this war is all but useless to the both of us. I’m a bit disappointed that Silv would go after an army that just reopened, because he’s assuming that I’m stealing his troops.

To Silverburg and RPF,

I do not want war, nor do I wish for us to become enemies. I would like to stay allies at all costs and I assure you I wasn’t stealing your troops and asking them to join SWAT. You can do whatever you please, but please be fully aware, that once again, we do not have any servers, and any raids/attacks you make against the SWAT empire will result in immediate retaliation. The choice is yours.

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

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