Lol Sprite

Ok so, Sprite claims that we did not give 24 hour notice for our AUSIA invasion of Mammoth for 3 AM EST coming up tonight, yet he failed to explain why.

When I post AUSIA invasions, I say its the night, instead of the morning of the next day. I posted this invasion for 3 AM EST Sunday, which to me is still night time because its still dark out, so I say Saturday night. Sprite knows this, but he claims it isn’t 24 hour notice because he lacks integrity and because IW doesn’t have an AUSIA division, and no one will show up to defend.

I’m not trying to start war. I only want Mammoth, because it is rightfully ours. We were originated from a group of rouges on that server in 2009, and because we got so many troops from recruiting on Mammoth, we were able to become strong and one of the most legendary armies to ever be created. No one deserves to have that server except for SWAT.

The invasion IS 24 hour notice, and is completely valid. We will invade tonight (or morning, for you, Sprite), at 3 AM EST, and we will take back our capital.

So much for common sense, right?

See you on the battlefield, 

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

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