CPSN: Meeting DJ Cadence

That’s right! Club Penguin SWAT News is back! And what better way to kick off this generation’s era of CPSN than meeting the famous DJ Cadence!

Today, I was strolling around the server Sled, when I see almost half of CP’s rooms full. The Beach, Docks, Town, Ski Village, Snow Forts, Plaza, and Forest were all full when I first logged on. I waited in the Cove for a while, until I saw the beach wasn’t full anymore so I went there. She wasn’t there so I tried entering the docks again and she wasn’t there. I couldn’t get in any other room except the beach or cove, so I waited in the docks and in just a few minutes she showed up! I got the stamp and added her before she moved to the ski village, and I logged off.

If you didn’t get to meet her today, don’t worry! She and other famous penguins will be on for the duration of the 10th Anniversary party, which goes on until October 21st, so you have plenty of time!

That’s all for today,

Waddle on.

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