The Power Alliance

DCP, you just screwed yourselves over.

You really thought you could declare war on us, take all of our servers, and have it go unnoticed? You really thought you could declare war on SWAT, an army who gets half of what you get, and not expect us to call for help? Mustapha you’re an idiot, an incompetent fool that has been hated around this community for years. The comments you make are similar to the ones Waterkid has made, but the only difference is that you are 100x more of an asshole and you won’t take the time to apologize when you retire.

You used bots at AUSIA to get 1st on CPAC this week, Sprite raids my events with his bots, and you have made an insult towards Dr.Matt’s late father.

And you have the nerve to turn around and say I talk shit for having an opinion on the bot issue? Go look in the mirror kid.

We will make you pay for all the offenses you have made towards this community. It is people like ones in your army that make this game not enjoyable.

We just destroyed ACP, and we will do the same to you.


Get ready for the POWER Alliance.

Good luck Musta, you’ll need it.

See you on the battlefield, 

Bad, SWAT Commander

One Response

  1. What is your Xat and Club Penguin name?pinky89756
    Have you been in armies before?no
    If so, what rank?
    How did you find us?i googled it
    Do you promise to be loyal?yes
    Do you promise to bookmark and ?done
    Do you promise to always come to chat, check website, and attend as many events as you can?yes

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