Regarding ACP’s “Cleansing” Protocol

ACP, just go away lol. You lost your nation, deal with it. You brought the war upon yourselves, and you got what was coming. Move on. A word war starts tomorrow, and every server you think you will be “cleansing” this week, will be somehow involved in the war. Again you guys are idiots, thinking you’re “cleansing” all these servers, when you have to own the server to cleanse it. Otherwise its invading, and that wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do considering we just kicked your asses for a week in a half straight.

Let it go, its over. End it. Start rebuilding with whatever you have left, and try to recover in whatever way seems fit for you. I see one invasion up there. We will log on to defend Christmas, and we will smack you once more.

It would be the best thing to do if you moved on and prepared for the future. Your allies, DCP, will try to clean up your mess with you, and they will fail aswell.

The war is over.

Keep it going, get wrecked again.

And then, go mourn for your lost nation, because nobody will be getting it back for you this time.

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

4 Responses

  1. im gay and I dont know what im talking about

    • LOL. First off the war is over, so gtfo kid. No one accused you of anything, but everytime ACP loses they have some sort of ridiculous excuse to losing when the only conclusion is that you average 10 and SWAT is 1000x bigger. You’re right, I can’t handle losing, because in order to handle something, you’d have to be in that position before which I’ve never been in so 🙂

      Your leadership is weaker than Boomer’s dick on a late friday night. Also please give me clear proof of us multilogging until then shut up and go cry about your lost nation.

      Also LOL that’s pretty cool but that’s the only thing you can do when you end up losing I guess…..

      • SWAT isn’t 1000 times bigger, 2 week old armies can’t just conquer larger armies without them stealing servers


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