The Big Day: Final Battles Vs. ACP

Tonight, I decided to cancel our AUSIA invasion of Boots due to not only me falling asleep and being late along with nobody being on, but because I find that it would be the best thing to do, if we finished it all in one day. And that day is tomorrow my friends. We have won 19 battles opposed to ACP who have only won 2, which were both AUSIA invasions that SWAT decided not to log on for. All of their petty excuses that include using edited pictures of me telling people to multilog, claiming that we use our friends list and allies, and their invalid “re-invasions” have gotten them no where but on the brink of defeat, or better yet, the brink of losing their entire nation. And that’s exactly what we’ll do. The D.R.A.C.P. has four servers left, and we will take them all.

We will start by defending Half Pipe at 3:00 PM EST. I spoke to Sidie and got it changed so we wouldn’t have one battle right after the other. That’s 30 minutes we can definitely use to our advantage. After we defend Half Pipe, we will invade Polar at 4:00 PM EST, followed by the invasion of Boots at 6:30 PM EST. At 8:00 PM EST, we will have our last US/UK battle of the war and take Grasshopper from ACP. And finally, to end the war and go down as the only army in history to take the entire D.R.A.C.P. without being bullshitted into a treaty or a ceasefire, we will invade Snow Globe at 3:00 AM EST.

I know this is a lot to ask from you, Special Agents. But we started something bigger than all of us, and I need each and every one of you to try and attend at least 3/5 of tomorrow’s battles. We don’t want to have to take this war any further than Sunday. You’ve all been working hard all week long, and soon that work will pay off. Just one more day, and this war is history. Are YOU ready?

You’re very presence is a big reason why this community is at a tipping point between dying out and staying alive, ACP. Hopefully, tomorrow we will give you, the Army of Club Penguin, the right push to fall over the edge, and this time, you won’t find your way out. 🙂

Victory is at hand.

Triumph over this evil presence is at our feet.

Tomorrow, we end it all.

Will you join me?

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

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  1. Good luck, SWAT.

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