Shocking The World: Half Pipe Defended!

LOADING RESULTS………. Victorious!

Hey, Special Agents!

I’m gonna make this quick, considering we have another mission in 30 minutes. We deployed on to our Co-Capital, Half Pipe, maxed 25, and stomped the evil Anti-CP forces. Before this war started, everyone was saying that we would stand no chance against ACP. Boy, were they wrong. We are winning the war 20-1, and we still have four more battles to go! Lets go out there, and keep doing what we’ve been doing!


The Anti-CP display, once again, how low and dirty they are.

Also, I don’t think I’ve seen anything this low in armies. The Anti-CP scum put one of their own into our line, to make it seem like we were multilogging and cheating. How low can you go, ACP?





Comment if you came!

I’m very proud of the way that we have been fighting in this war, and I’m honored to be a leader of this great army.

»Preѕιdeɴт Nιтroнaммer«

||Sнocĸ Tнe World||


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  1. I came

  2. I came great event

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