Redstar, Please Go Away

Alright so this kid Redstar has been going around showing people edited pictures of me telling him to multilog when he was 2ic in SWAT earlier this week. In one picture he has me saying to multilog because its “just AUSIA”, which really doesn’t make any sense because you don’t need much size to win an AUSIA battle, especially when you’re battling ACP lol. The second picture is me trying to convince him to tell people the first picture is edited. Only an idiot would believe these pictures to be real. There is no possible way I would tell anyone to do this and then try to cover it up once I found out I would get in trouble. You’re a fool Redstar, and no one is going to buy your stupidity. I don’t know who you’re working for or who told you to try and set me up, but it won’t work out well for you, I can promise you that.

Please also note that those may not be the only pictures he got edited. Those are the only ones I’ve been made aware of. He might have gotten an entire private chat edited with loads of lies and false information. He will probably show these pictures to ACP, and they will try to convince this community that we are cheaters when in reality Redstar himself is a dishonest deceitful person and should receive some sort of punishment for his actions.

Here’s a quick picture to help prove my point.

If Redstar for some reason decides to show you his edited pictures, it won’t have the “Interact with Lord (not xat staff!)” tag in it. Why? Because it isn’t me who is in his pictures. I don’t have many powers. Anyone can have namecolor, my picture, and copy my name, it isn’t hard.

I will not have my army punished because some idiot or whoever hes working with has a grudge against me. It’s time for this community to man up and start being honest.

Redstar, I never did anything to you in my life. I handed you 2ic in SWAT as if it was nothing and this is how you repay me? Obviously, I need to take some more thought when I’m choosing owners in the future.

You will all see how strongly I feel about how wrong multilogging is when this week’s edition of Leaders Lounge is released Thursday on CPAC.

This community needs some serious work. Its people like this who take the fun out of playing this game. If Redstar ever PCs you any pictures at any time, ignore him, they’re most likely fake.

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

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