Albaro, Do You Understand English?

This is THE LAST TIME I will be addressing the re-invasion issue. After this I’ll be done because we’ll be done with ACP after this weekend anyway.

Albaro. Anyone who does not understand the concept of the ACTUAL 24 hour rule (not the one ACP’s making up with this re-invasion bullshit) has special needs. You, unfortunately, are one of these people. 😦

“Armies have rules. They aren’t set in stone, but overall, most of us obey them. But again, these rules aren’t set in stone, there are loopholes and we have been able to get around them and then we go running to CPAC to confirm if these loopholes are also allowed, and then one of them says they are, and another one says they aren’t, but the reality is, they’re making up new rules on the spot.”

Yes, armies have rules. Rules of which you don’t follow. I don’t know what lies you’re teaching your troops but its honestly pathetic. Listen to yourself, using the word ‘loophole’. It figures though, because finding loopholes is the only way ACP could save their asses for the past three years. And oh this is funny, I’ve been waiting for this. When you say you go running to CPAC to confirm if these loopholes are allowed, you did exactly that, and it backfired on you.

Here is where you asked Mach regarding the re-invasion problem where he had no idea what you’re talking about because you phrase things a way close to that of a 5 year old.

Here is where I asked him about why he told you that this was ok, when clearly it isn’t, and he expressed that he didn’t understand what you meant and that he still does not have an opinion, but we don’t need it, because we know whats valid or not, clearly you don’t.

“The re-invasions go like this. We schedule them way more than 24 hours in advance, some of these, were up for days. When the re-invasions were scheduled, all these servers were still part of the ACP nation. There are no rules against an army re-invading their own server, to confirm that they own it? It might seem silly to some armies, but it’s a good event style. Now, if an army happens to take that server, say, a few hours ago, that army should be aware that possibly a few hours later, that server will be re-invaded.”

This is the part of your post that really sets me off because I’ve explained it so many times and the only possible conclusion is that you have special needs and can’t process what I’m saying correctly, or you’re just plain out ignorant and continuing to fight over something that was settled 3 days ago.

Yes, you put the battles all in a post together for the entire week, we get it. You’re defending for most of the war, so those times aren’t really a problem, but here’s where there is. You CAN NOT, I repeat, CAN NOT re-invade a server that was taken just 3-4 hours earlier. You might think its 24 hour notice because you posted all of the battles at the same time, but it has to be 24 HOURS AFTER YOUR SERVER WAS TAKEN. Otherwise, its not re-invading/cleansing “your” own server to confirm that you own it, as you claim, BECAUSE IT WOULDN’T BE YOURS ANYMORE. So people should be calling ACP silly, because you’re a moron.

“Now, let’s take the most recent successful re-invasion. On 8/14, at 7:30 AM EST a few ACP troops logged on to re-invade the Server of Sled. This Server had been taken by SWAT at 3 AM EST, about 4 hours ago.”

Again, it has to be 24 hours after the server was taken. You said it yourself, it was 4 hours after we took it, and that’s invalid. Your re-invasion was not “successful” it’s just another laugh for this community to have whenever they take a look at ACP site.

“The rule about invading lost servers has always gone like this, if a server is lost by an army, they can post an invasion of that server directly after their loss, but the invasion must be scheduled for at least 24 hours in the future.”

“The re-invasion of Sled was scheduled on the 9th of August. SWAT had time to be aware of this event, they knew that if they took this server, they would have to defend it.”

You mean, ACP’s rule for invading lost servers has always gone like this. The one you decided to make up last week because you knew you’d be in this position if you went to war with us. There has never been a time where an army can invade a server a couple hours after they lost it, where the hell have you been? Lol. If you wanted to retake the server you’d have to post it 24 hours after you lost it. I mean think about it. Does it really sound correct that an army has to log on to defend a server they just took, especially in the 1-7 AM EST span, where the least events happen. Only an idiot would deem that acceptable. Yes, you’re invalid re-invasions were posted on August 9th, and we were fully aware that it was invalid, so we ignored it and laughed at you while Silverburg and I enjoyed a hot oven made pizza in the Pizza Parlor on your former server, Sled. 🙂

Our invasions are valid. We are 9-6, we actually admit defeat when we lose. grow up, you’re not 14-1.

Your invasions are not valid. They’re invalid. They’re not allowed, and violate the community’s 24 hour rule, not ACP’s, in every possible way. However way you want to put it, there’s nothing you can do to climb yourself out of the whole you dug for you and your army. The war score is 16-1 in SWAT’s favor, we don’t ever have to admit defeat, because we never lose! I got 99 problems and admitting defeat aint one.

YOU grow up, Albaro, and face the facts. Stop hiding behind the idea that everyone has your back and that you can get yourselves out of anything that’s thrown your way. This isn’t 2012, so stop acting like it is.

This is the last time I’m explaining this concept to you. If you decide to fire back with another post, it will be ignored. I’ve wasted enough of my time trying to help this sink in, and that may never happen, but this war will be over after Sunday, so I don’t got a thing to worry about. 🙂


See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

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