ACP, Do You Really Have Anything To Say?

So after every loss, which seems to be every battle for the ACP, they claim we multilog with no legitimate proof of those claims. So lets take a look into ACP’s past and see if we can determine who are really the cheaters of this community.

This was originally posted on CPA Central.

UPDATE 7:00 AM EST: Sercan has apologized to the ACP and army community for editing pictures, but denies the claims that he is in a multi-logging scandal. He says that he stopped editing pictures 2-3 months ago and Boomer, in an edit, goes onto say how for this reason he will not be couped by “Shaboomer” and Sercan will withhold his leadership position.

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters — For more than six months, CPA Central has been enthralled in a conflict over allegations of the ACP faking pictures; as well as the recent allegations of Sercan’s multilogging. It began with The ACP Enigma, and now the farce is played out; we have finally caught our culprit. Here at CPAC, we’ve called many things Watergate. We’ve called many things “-gate”; Botgate, Funksgate, the list goes on and on. However, I think this takes the cake. As I write the fourth and concluding post to the tale of ACP’s picture faking, I hope to put this case to bed once and for all. Let’s recap. The post that started it all was published on September 23rd, 2013, after a CPAC Committee reviewed the evidence that suggested ACP, under Casiusbrutus, was responsible for faking pictures.

Soon after, on the army’s lovely propaganda outlet “The Clover”, Casiusbrutus published the Apologia Pro ACP, in which he condemned the “gutter press” for the report, and denied the claims made in the post. To be fair, Max has since denounced the actions he took during his time as ACP Leader, and further reading on that can be found here. We’re not talking about this to condemn Max, we’re simply looking through everything that happened. The ACP Enigma’s claims have held up as well as ever, and during the coup d’etat of Casiusbrutus, the infamous File 427B, compiled largely by Flipmoo/Slimball2007 and Sercan4444, confirmed the existence of picture faking in the ACP. However, in this file, the statements on the faking reference Casiusbrutus as the one responsible. See below.

The event that got the A.C.P. first on the CPAC Top 10 (Week of 9/15/2013)  was the Ausia event in which Sercan and Flipmoo led. The A.C.P. Ausia Division maxed 56 troops with great tactics, and the post can be found here. However, Casiusbrutus was still unsatisfied. Instead of accepting the event for what it already was, Casiusbrutus edited a screenshot that Sercan took and gave it to another owner. He then ordered that owner to give Flipmoo that edited picture so that he would include it onto the event results without knowing that the screenshot was a fake. However, the ACP still would’ve gotten 1st even if the pictures weren’t edited.

Below, for your conspiratorial pleasures, is the event pre-editing and post-editing.

These revelations came following the coup d’etat of Casiusbrutus and the subsequent release of the file, and my commentary on it is in a post that can be found here. There’s also some lovely information on Elmikey’s issues with reality and the New Dawn Alliance in that post. Following this, the issue stayed out of mainstream media for another month, until it was reawakened in December when the conclusion of Capncook’s private investigation led me to question the integrity of the new ACP Administration.

In December, we were led to believe Tori was responsible for the faking due to the picture on your right; a closer look at that text shows that while she was in the business of wanting to screw over Casiusbrutus, she was not physically responsible for the picture faking. Capncook’s investigation makes some convincing arguments toward the innocence of Sercan; at the time of the original publishing of the ACP Enigma, the post called to question was deleted, and Capncook’s investigation argues Sercan was not involved in that deletion.

His post reaches the conclusion that “Cassius, Flipmoo, Slime, Fluffyboy, Monsoon, and Sercan all did not have a reason to commit this crime” and that “Tori has yet to be proven innocent at this point.” The investigation alludes to a trial that, while it never took place, would’ve been lovely to see — I, however, want to speak to the first excerpt from this post.

Capncook’s claim that Sercan did not have reason to commit this crime is incorrect, seeing as the subsequent coup d’etat of Casiusbrutus had to be in planning for some time, and there was clearly a deal struck between Flipmoo, Sercan and Jerry, which would guarantee loyalty in the coup d’etat of Cas in exchange for the creation of what would become the ACP Triumvirate. So Sercan’s still on the table. The full excerpts of Capn’s investigation and other claims by myself about the chessboard ACP can be found in the third installment of this scandal, Editorial: All the President’s Men.

For anyone who wasn’t interested in recapping, here’s the developments. 

A source knowledgeable about the affairs of the ACP has been in talks with me tonight, and has given me the information I find necessary to finally reach a conclusion in this ongoing scandal. Below is the statement from that source, paraphrased from the original text to preserve their anonymity.

On a day in Februrary, xxToysoldier approached me, talking about a picture that he claimed proved Sercan was responsible for adding extra emotes into ACP pictures and essentially faking them. Upon some research, we proved that claim to be true. The speech bubbles don’t line up, despite the fact that the penguins in them are in the same position, meaning they must have been edited. There also are other pictures that show issues in the speech bubbles, as if someone took a speech bubble and copied and pasted it multiple times. Last but not least, there is a picture where the transparency is skewed, though this is a not concrete evidence. 

The four pictures from this claim are in the slideshow below.

The picture for some reason doesn’t load on SWAT site. Check the original post for this evidence.

At this point any intelligent viewer will have pointed out we have not proven a culprit yet, only that we have further proven picture faking in the ACP took place. Before I show you what has finally brought the curtain down on all of this, I’d like to make some personal comments on the situation. Since day one, the committee involved in the ACP Enigma pointed to Sercan as one of few people in the ACP Administration with both the motive and the graphics knowledge to have been responsible for the edits. Though the motive has changed from loyalty to Cas to a wish to overthrow him, the motive still remains. This picture has been around for a little while since the Casiusbrutus File Dump was released to us in December.

In the picture above, Sercan denies knowledge of who was responsible for the event. Flipmoo, in File 427B, suggests Casiusbrutus himself was responsible for the fakings. Capncook, in his private investigation, suggested Sercan’s innocence. However, my senior source knowledgeable to the ACP presents me with evidence that proves all of the above claims wrong, and proves our original assumption since September — that Sercan was responsible for the picture fakings — correct.

Further confirming these suspicious is a conversation released to CPAC by another anonymous person with knowledge of the matter, where Sercan appears to reference “others” who took part in the picture editing, taken on Saturday, before either of CPAC’s recent reports was released.

May I remind you guys, this is only one of the ACP posts that are found online, if I really did care I could make these posts into a series.

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  1. Ok, despite me being in ACP and barging in on chat, The pictures with all the people are most likely ACP’s golden age, I wasn’t there until June 2014 but Sercan has been involved in scandals like bribing another ACP troop with like xats I think.

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