What This Community Is Coming To

Alright so, I’ll be regarding ACP’s invalid “re-invasions” for yet the third time because for some reason it hasn’t really sunk in.

This is funny coming from Mach considering he raided our AUSIA invasion last night with a couple other people. Yes, you heard me right, THE CPAC CEO RAIDED AN EVENT.

People wonder why this community is turning to shit, and its because of things like this.

Mach, I’m going to say this one last time, and maybe it’ll get through that thick skull of yours. ACP CAN NOT RE-INVADE A SERVER THE ENEMY HAS HAD FOR 3 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES. Yes, Albaro can claim its 24 hour notice because he posted all of his re-invasions the day before but what makes it invalid is that it has to be 24 hours AFTER THE SERVER WAS TAKEN. What ACP is doing completely violates the 24 hour notice rule in every possible way and invalidates all of their re-invasions unless they post them 24 hours after the server was taken.

What is also funny is that Zak agreed with us, but apparently CPAC isn’t on the same page with each other, which is another big issue. B2 also agreed but he’s no longer CEO so that really doesn’t help here.

ACP has been favored by CPAC for years, and that will continue as long as Boomer20 and other ACP legends are still around running the show. Like Toy said, CPAC doesn’t play by the rules, they play by WHO THEY LIKE OR DON’T LIKE.

It is impossible to restore order and balance in this community when even the ones at the top are at fault and are not following the rules.

ACP’s re-invasions are clearly invalid but again they find themselves somehow getting away with it.

But let me tell you something, ACP, you won’t be getting away with anything. Because we will still ignore your re-invasions because we know right from wrong and we play be the rules.

It’s really unfortunate CPAC is this way, and they’re the ones running the community. And with the way things are going now, it will only lead to one thing. Oh yes, its coming. You all know what I’m talking about, and it will continue to come unless someone takes action and saves the community from the major plunge its going to take. This time, it might actually cause an end to CP Warfare as we know it.

Like my father would always tell me,

Don’t base what you do on what others say, do what YOU think is right, follow YOUR heart, because in the end, things will just turn out better that way.

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, PROUD SWAT Commander

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