Bobsled Is Ours

Hello SWAT!

Today, we logged on at AUSIA times to invade the server Bobsled from ACP. We had to go on Klondike because for some users it said it was a one bar but also full, so we changed servers. We did good, maxing 10, with pretty decent tactics. ACP maxed a whopping 5+. We were ambushed by Sprites bots a couple minutes into the battle but we changed rooms and the bots left.

And of course, ACP will log on at 7:30 AM, thinking that they’re claiming their server back, meanwhile its invalid. We will be ignoring them. Learn to play by the rules some time, ACP.

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

3 Responses

  1. I will be returning tomorrow morning. The Return Of Billy.

    • Alright. At the moment not all of our owners are reliable, so we’re glad your coming back.

  2. Sounds good 👍

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