You Are Sadly Mistaken, ACP

Although the battle was easy enough to call a tie between us, SWAT keeps the server Kosciusko even if the battle counted and we didn’t tie because CPAC already informed us that you can not post re-invasion for a server until the enemy has had it for at least 24 hours, thus making the re-invasion completely invalid. We just logged on for them extra AUSIA points. 🙂 And before you respond to this ranting that I’m making excuses (even though it was a tie regardless), please be fully aware that these are not my rules, they’re CPAC’s, so you can take it up with them.

Here’s a word of advice, ACP: DEFEND AT 3 AM. Stop being pussies. Honestly, you have AUSIA, use it. Don’t hide behind this invalid bs. On the path you’re going, between getting smashed at UK/US times, and your invalid “re-invasions” of your servers we take at AUSIA times, SWAT will have your entire nation by the end of the week. So just try being men for once, and engage in battle at the times we scheduled instead of looking for a loophole like you’ve been doing for every war you involved yourselves in the past three years. Its pathetic, even for you, but no less surprising. Keep gettin crushed, ACP.

SWAT keeps Kosciusko.

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

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