Ignoring ACP’s Invalid “Re-Invasions”

Alright so, you all know about ACP’s “re-invasions” because they’re too scared to face us at 3 AM, which is when AUSIA times begin, according to CPAC’s time sheet.

So, we spoke to CPAC CEO, Zak, and he informed us that ACP’s re-invasions at 7:30 AM are invalid. You are not allowed to re-invade a server from an army that has had the server for less than 24 hours. For example, if we invade a server from ACP at 3:00 AM EST, and they try to take it back at 7:30 AM EST, that’s invalid. We only owned the server for 3 hours and 30 minutes, which isn’t 24 hour notice, therefore they do not get the server back. Former CPAC CEO, Blue2, also agreed on this. But ACP Leader, Albaro, still refuses to accept this, and apparently thinks he overrules CPAC.

ACP, I just want you to be fully aware that your planned re-invasions are all invalid and SWAT will ignore them and proceed to take your servers at our scheduled 3 AM invasions. You can choose to ignore us and log on at 7:30 AM, but that’s fine by me because you’ll be wasting your time and lose a good amount of servers doing so.

We will continue to crush the Anti-CP and no matter what excuses they pull out of their asses, they will not be able to escape the fire, they will burn. We manage now.

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

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