Empire Update

While SWAT was closed, the army community solved a problem that has been around for years. Before this year, and since around 2009, armies have been claiming any servers they want for no regard for who really owns them. This year, Commando, and CPAC divided the servers of Club Penguin among each army who claimed to own servers.

The map where it shows who owns what servers can be seen here:


According to that map, SWAT only owns Sparkle, Skates, and Tea.

Today, we gained back one of SWAT’s original servers, Half Pipe. We traded Tea for it.

Right now, IW owns Mammoth, but we will make negotiations to get it back.

Our current servers:

  • Half Pipe
  • Sparkle
  • Skates

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

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