A Statement To The Community

Let me make this very clear,

The bullshit stops now.

I’ve had just about enough, and Ganger has too. This filthy pattern that SWAT is caught in with the reopening, leadership changes, and defacing stops now.

Chainpro, I don’t know who you think you are with your little faggot friends over there taking me off the legends page and then defacing SWAT site for no legitimate reason. You have no right touching ANYTHING on this site. And before you and others say, “Oh well Bad has defaced a million sites before”, lets not forget the army sites I’ve defaced were armies that maxed 5+ and had two weeks of history. You, however, attempted to deface archives dating back to December where we maxed sizes of 40. That history is very valuable to us and the others who were part of those times, and I do not appreciate your attempts to sabotage the site. You, and anyone who assisted you in your schemes are banished from SWAT forever.

Ever since the 2012 generation ended, this army has been spinning in the same circle of bullshit and I know myself and others have said it many times, but it ends here.

SWAT will not be closing. When me and Starz tried to close SWAT a couple months ago, Ganger made a post regarding our decisions. And in that post he said that giving up is not the way to go. I thought about that, and even though I disagreed at the time, I see now that he was right. It wont end like this. SWAT and the people who have stuck with SWAT all these years have way more to give.

I’m not sure about Ganger, but when I have the time, I will bring back SWAT. But that may be never, and if that’s what happens, then so be it. I’m not going to base what I do with my time on this game. I wasted half of my summer sitting behind a computer last year and that won’t happen again. I just want Ganger and the loyal people of SWAT to know that if I can’t find the time to lead SWAT again, then I will still be associated with the army no matter what, no matter who’s leading. Because this is the one army I can call home, and it always will be my home.

No one is allowed to recreate SWAT without me or Ganger’s permission, and the answer will probably be no so don’t bother asking.

To the CP Army community, don’t expect this to be the last you’ve seen of SWAT. We will return with a vengeance, I can promise you that.

~Bad, SWAT Legend

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  1. You tell them Bad ! 💀👊

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