War With Avengers – CANCELLED

I will be very simple and blunt in this statement.

I hereby overrule Tom’s declaration of war on the Avengers and deem it an unfit action for the current state of the army.

We have just reopened. We are not even a week into our rebuilding stage and already we are going to war. This is absolutely ridiculous.

First off, we are not even up to our capable sizes of 25-30 yet, which makes us unfit to battle in a full scale war.

Second, as I checked through the first posts of the Avengers’ site, I did not see any invasions of free servers or cleansing of old ones the army might have had in past generations, which leads me to believe they have no servers and the servers they claim they do not really own, thus making them an invalid army.

You can go on and say this is just an excuse to get out of the war, but at this time I do not feel SWAT is ready for war, and I do not care to battle an army who will just try to take all of our servers with AUS invasions in which they will probably max 3 in.

To the Avengers Leaders, I will be happy to make negotiations and work out any issues the other leaders of SWAT might have caused.

To SWAT Leaders,

Yes, I haven’t been that active and yes I haven’t done much to contribute to SWAT’s reopening, but in about two weeks I will be fully active and getting this army back to its dominate form. Until then, just hang in there for me.

~Bad, SWAT Leader/Legend

2 Responses

  1. I’d be more than happy to negotiate on chat. Try to look for me and not Fallen or Zero as they’re not the ones who decided the war and probably wouldn’t be able to give you all the right answers. You can find me on Avengers chat from pretty much 11am est to 7pm est or later. My xat ID is Zyanid (161493927).

    Also, Half Pipe was given to us by HSA. Ascent was given to us by Nachos SS just before I declared war. I can provide screenshots for both.

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