Lol WV

Alright bud.

Since you think you’re so smart, let me knock some sense into you because you seem to think you’re so far up on that high horse over there.

You’re name is Teigan, right? Oh yeah that kid who begged for owner in the Golden Troops, and then bandwagoned to other growing armies when GT hit the dust. Almost forgot.

So you think that we didn’t max 25? Its not much of a coincidence that people from DW and WV both have trouble counting correctly.

In this picture, there is a total of 21 penguins. If it weren’t for that Fire91 fool, who ill drill into in a second, I would’ve gotten more pictures where we hit our max. Your leaders said that we only maxed 15. lrn2count please.

Here’s a picture of your biggest size, with a total of 17 penguins.

If it weren’t for that idiot’s bot raid, my forces would have taken the battle easily. You didn’t win anything. The only thing you won was looking like bigger idiots than you already are, claiming victory in a battle where your enemy was bombarded by bots and couldn’t stay focused.

Funny you should say im throwing childish accusations at you to cover up our “horrible” size when the only reason you had an edge is because bots show up. That’s what you depend on to win a battle? A distraction? Some way to keep us from being focused? That’s not how CP Armies work, and this is exactly why the resistance was formed. To take foolish armies like WV out of the equation to preserve the community’s tradition.

Fire91. Another foolish person trying to prove himself on xat. You may not be in armies but you are a nuisance to anyone in this game, and I advise you to stop being a moron and grow up. Maybe you didn’t notice, probably not because you’re so much of an idiot, but your bots can easily be ignored and disappear on CP with the click of a button. You should stop wasting your time. You say you hate the armies of the resistance yet you stated before that you aren’t a part of CP armies, so how would you know what happens? You’re either a liar or just a god damn fool who cant speak without embarrassing himself. “I do favor TGA due to the lack of idiots in their armies”. So you’re saying to favor them because they don’t have enough idiots in their armies? That makes absolutely no sense. You were definitely dropped as a young child. Do me a favor and look at the back of your head to see if there’s a huge bump. You have no place among us, so piss off, or ill destroy you with the rest of the GA.

On a final note, if WV weren’t such pussies, they would reschedule the battle and fight us the correct way and beat us at our best, when we are concentrated and at full strength. But they wont, so Mittens is defended. I will not answer to you fools any longer. If you wish to keep this up, I will crush you like I did in July.

14 Responses

  1. I don’t care about either army in this situation, but how the hell do the bots give WV an “edge”?

    They had to deal with the bots too, from what I saw. So, did they not affect both sides equally? Your logic with that is incredibly flawed, and it sounds like you’re using the bots as an excuse for a poor performance.

    Just my opinion.

    • No. You’re wrong. Most of the battle the bots followed SWAT. They didn’t affect WV that much at all and if WV knew how to be fair, they’d reschedule the battle so both armies can fight correctly. With no bullshit. And who the fuck are you to say we had poor performance. Shut the fuck up please. One you weren’t at the battle, and two if you were you’d see that we had a solid 25+, 6 more than WV, before the bots came and caused most of my troops to log off. Your opinion is idiotic and before you make any opinions you should look at what REALLY happened.

      • I WAS at the battle, which is why I have an opinion on it in the first place, genius. The bots were with WV for much of the battle, so I’m just confused that you’re using them as an excuse. But hey, whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

      • LOL. I didn’t make any excuses you god damn idiot. The only time the bots were with WV was when we followed them to town and iceberg. The bots were clearly following us you dipshit. You aren’t even a part of WV let alone apart of this war so you should stop making comments because it makes you look like a fucking fool. And if it makes you feel better that you are trying to prove me wrong, when you know im right, then give yourself a big pat on the back with a huge fucking A for effort.

      • You didn’t make excuses?

        “If it weren’t for that idiot’s bot raid, my forces would have taken the battle easily.”

        “the only reason you had an edge is because bots show up.”

        I mean, these are your words, right? lol

      • What I said was evident. If the bots didn’t show up SWAT troops wouldn’t have logged off. In the pre battle we had 20-25 and WV only hit 18 so we would’ve knocked the shit out of them. Its as simple as that. My words are the truth and only the truth. If WV wants to play dirty, so be it.

      • Fair enough. I just wanted to point out that they were annoying WV as well.

      • And if that were the case, WV would’ve rescheduled and fought the correct way. But fuck them. I wont waste my time.

  2. What is the point of using language like that when you are referring to a virtual war on a game that is meant for kids between the ages of 6-14. You have clearly been struck by this whole thing and therefore have to remark profanity. There is no need for that sort of language, purely because you’re getting wound up over a game. Chill out.

    • I’ll use the language I want. Try and stop me.

      • You’re not worth my time. I’m implying that it isn’t appropriate given your position of your army. Obviously I cannot control what you say and what you don’t, just attempting to inform you that it doesn’t necessarily seem professional. That is all.

      • Lol. I’m not worth your time yet you are using your time to comment back to me fool. I’ll do what I want so you should stop sweating over there

  3. When bots raid, battles should be rescheduled. Regardless. If you claim victory, you’re being stupid. Bots make battles interesting, but they skew results.

    • Well you obviously have no knowledge of CP Armies whatsoever so ill ignore your idiotic remarks.

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