Regarding DW’s Idiotic Claims To Sizes Of 50+ At The Battle Of Ice Box


First, let me start off with saying LOL.

So basically this is what DW does. They cling to some idea that every other army who is smaller than them exaggerate their sizes to get on “their level.” Meanwhile, in reality, their level is no higher than that of the crap I just took.

Lets take a look at this.

The Dark Warriors maxed 50+ In this Event

*Due to massive sizes of both armies, we were unable to take more Pictures of the Battle. The Video is our evidence on how we won this battle. Also P.S: Light Troops are losers.*

“The Dark Warriors maxed sizes of 50+.” Is it me, or do you see two armies dressed in black and blue (the color of the GA’s bones after the battle), that both have sizes of 20-25. Its evident that DW’s claims of 50+ are bullcrap because they purposely didn’t take any more pictures because they knew how small both they and IW really were.

Lets count, shall we?

Here I’ve taken the time to put boxes around how many DW were present during the battle. If you count them, you should come out with a total of 24. And before you make your little P.S. notes that seem to amuse you so much, make sure you are not in fact describing yourselves. The ones who blame others for exaggeration, and then do it themselves at a higher rate are the true losers. Now please, don’t embarrass yourselves any further.

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

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