This Week’s Missions: 100% Successful [WEEK IN REVIEW]

Hello SWAT!

Since our re-opening a couple weeks ago, we have done nothing but improve ourselves. In my first days back, I have seen a growing SWAT and we will continue to grow. If you are doing this week’s Top Ten for CPAC, read on.

Special Agents Tactic Session

Max 31+

Ausia Training


Max 10+

Special Agents: Mission 3

Max 27+

Ausia Tactics Mission

AUS2 12-31-14

Max 13+

Unscheduled Tactics Session

Training 1-2-15

Max 21+

Invasion Of Frosty


Max 31+

Invasion Of Below Zero

below zero5 1-3-15

Max 40+

Requested Top Ten Picture:

below zero5 1-3-15

~Bad, SWAT Leader

One Response

  1. Kindly add me to ranks. I applied one week ago.

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