Ice Warriors Freeze Up: Invasion Of Below Zero Results

LOADING RESULTS………. Assault Mission Success!

Hello, special agents! Once again, the Grand Alliance was defeated! We marched proudly on to the Ice Warriors capital, Below Zero, and conquered it! They were so scared of the mighty SWAT that they didn’t even show up to the battle! We dominated by maxing 40 and averaging 35! I am SO PROUD of every special agent that attended. We did amazing! Pictures are below.


below zero2 1-3-15

below zero3 1-3-15

below zero4 1-3-15

below zero5 1-3-15

below zero6 1-3-15

Comment if you came!

This was our best mission so far, and we will only get better from here!

»Pяєѕι∂єηт Nιтяσнaммєя«

The Ice Warriors……….

||Ƒєaя Ƭнє Rєѕιѕтaηcє||

5 Responses

  1. I came

  2. i came!

  3. Your worst nightmare.

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