War Address

War Address

Posted on July 1, 2014 by The SWAT President [Ganger90]

A message to all SWAT soldiers,

We have now entered into a big war with the CP Chaos Army. We plan on taking all of their servers, and defeating them, as we know that we are the stronger and more superior army. This is our time SWAT, this is our time to shine and it all starts now, with this war, that we return to not only our former glory, but to move on and into new heights that we’ve never seen before.  This is our time that we show every one that SWAT is not washed up, and SWAT has the capability and ability to become the number one army again. To shock and doubt all of the haters that tell us “no, SWAT will never see the top 3 again”, or those who tell us SWAT will never reach our former glory. The time is now — to shock all who have doubted us and hated on us. We will show them the pride and fight in SWAT, and that nobody can slow down the momentum of the rise that is coming. Our leaders – Andrew24, Spyguy202, Cyanide, Flamez64, and I, Ganger90, have all reached points in our careers where we don’t want to see the mediocre, or the good any more. We want more, we want to see amazing, we want to shock every single critic out there. We’re all here together for a purpose, SWAT — We’re here to become the best army ever seen. The other leaders and I will make this happen, we will be the best army, on top of the totem pole once again, and it all starts with this war.

Hell will be unleashed,

Ganger90, SWAT Supreme Commander and President

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