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Posted on November 24, 2012 by ╚»ѕρι«╝ S.W.A.T Leader

Spi Edit(1): I forgot to mention, we also talked about the owner ranks. THIS IS THE OFFICIAL OWNER RANKS, and yes, 3ic is moderator. Another thing I forgot to mention, I’ll do this in a simple way:

Owner = 1 army max.

Moderator = 3 army max

Member Rank = Unlimited

Ganger90, Octavian123, Spi, Reece

Waterkid100, Crazy, Giant Mike, Furry


Hey S.W.A.T,

Since we had an owner meeting, we talked about our 3 flaws. Click Read more for the solutions for those Flaws. Here’s the 2 topics that everyone in the army should know about.

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