Retiring for awhile…

post by Flames370, SWAT Veteran

Hey S.W.A.T,

Yes, I am very sad to be posting this. But I will have to retire for 2 or 3 months. I’m very sorry about this, but I will have to leave because I just don’t have much time for Club Penguin armies. I have other stuff to do in life, and I will still go on chat, but not that much. But when I DO go on and there is am event, I’ll make sure to make it. I WILL return, but not until July or August or maybe even November. But this is the official time I am aiming to come back at…

July 17, 2011

And Ganger, no need to take me off the ranks because I will be returning later on. And to all the people who’s reading this, I hope to see 50+ when I get back. And I also hope to see us in the Number 1 spot in the Top Ten. I will miss S.W.A.T, but it’s not the only army I’m retiring from, it’s from EVERY army I am in.

Good bye guys…

~Flames370, S.W.A.T LIT

On iPad 3…

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