Prove Yourselves..[SPEECH]

On our backs; merely against the world and it looks like a speech is in order.

LT will lose.

In the last week or so, we’ve become merely exactly what we’d set out to destroy. To rise and then slowly die and burn to the ground and turn into ashes once again. No, we will not do that again. Never again! It’s time we prove ourselves that we are a very stable army; unlike the Light Troops. This is the soldiers’ time and when I say this, I really, really mean it. All the things that the Light Troops have said to diss us and they have literally embarrassed us, but don’t let any of that faze you, because that is what this war is for. This war is to take all that back and throw it right back in their face. Prove not only to the Light Troops, but all who stand up to us that we had a bad week and that is all. S.W.A.T. is known for proving themselves at their greatest times of doing so. Now, it’s time to prove yourselves, S.W.A.T. Once again, we need to step on that battlefield and show them who the best army is and that is definitely us!

When we step on that battlefield, we need to fire at will and give it all that we’ve got. And believe me, we’ve got a lot. A whole lot of heart, determination, pride and faith. We have the greatest troops in the whole army world and now it’s our time to prove it. It’s time for not only the leaders to step up, but the soldiers too. We need you making every battle, doing the tactics at every battle, and doing whatever you can to help us win each and every battle. That’s what makes a true soldier and if that’s not what makes you, then you better get the hell out of S.W.A.T. We only want the soldiers who can prove each and every war that they make, that they are ready to also do everything in THEIR power to win. The soldiers job is to attend every war possible and the ones that they make, they need to do the tactics and listen. 

Guys, this is frustrating. The Light Troops are trying to take every thing from us. The number one spot, our servers, our chats to recruit at and now it’s our turn. To beat them and shut their army down. We’re going to dominate this war; I know we will. We have the greatest soldiers that CP armies has ever known of and it’s time for all of you to prove yourselves not only to me, but to LT. They will not win another war, they will not ever stand again; not after going through S.W.A.T. We will show them that every thing we’ve ever said about defeating them is absolutely true. We will win this war; we will dominate; we will take all their servers AGAIN and we will dine in hell. War is a time when all is fair and all is hell. It’s time to show them that when it comes to war, we deliver. We won’t surrender; We won’t die; our servers will not even be so the hell touched! We’re going to stand up to the Light Troops and deliver to them what should’ve been delivered to the cocky penguins long ago.

Time to take something out of us and just go out there and show it on the battlefield man. We got to rip it straight out of us and prove ourselves once again worthy of that number one spot. LT is pretty cocky for an army that got their asses whupped by us a few months ago. I don’t care who their leader is, Roberto can come back and do whatever the hell he wants to, but when it comes down to it… we are the most indefinite strongest army. We will just have to prove it once again instead of just saying it. Time to win once again. Let’s do it…

Hell will be unleashed,

Ganger90, S.W.A.T. Leader

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