Prepare for Order 9096

Recently, it has come to our attention that the LT want to attack both ACP and S.W.A.T. Well, we saw that when Nachos declared war on both S.W.A.T and ACP, they failed miserably. 

This is a call to all soldiers of S.W.A.T. We’ve been attacked constantly, we’ve endured every single possible invasion imagined on our Nation, but we hang together. It’s time we fought back, using all we have. This war will end as a S.W.A.T victory, don’t you forget that. This is the moment where you ask yourself “Am I ready for this?” There isn’t any turning back. It’s either fight and be brave or go home.

Commencing Order 9096 in approximately 4 days. Prepare for it troops, it'll be a ride of a lifetime.

P.S: If you lead a medium army, beware. LT are after you guys too. So PC either Jerry, Ganger or Blizzard so you can be prepared for any possible attack.

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