Don’t Lose Faith // Moderator Warning

Hey SWAT,                                     [Post made by xiUnknown]

SWAT, we lost our first battle during this war yesterday. Obviously we can’t go un-defeated against 3 armies without allies. ACP refuses to help us, but I have another plan and I will put it into effect if we really do need to use it.

The Light Troops got me and SaW banned on TrackCP because they’re immature and need to find cheap ways to win a war. Guess what Ioio? Haven’t you heard of toon names? Nobody cares about the Light Troops and you never “killed” DW. The war was a tie, since it only had 2 battles.

Seem familar, Ioio?


:!: Moderator Warnings :!:

As most of you know, I recently made a moderator active count. The exact date I made it was last Tuesday and I told mods they had to comment on it or face losing mod/probation. They had 3 days to comment on it and the results were 31(some who commented weren’t even mods) That’s pretty disappointing considering we have a lot of mods on the ranks. Our mods barely listen in battles and they’re always AFK, if this doesn’t change within the next few days, expect major demotions. I told you I’m not accepting any excuses, a lot of our members are active and deserve mod more than our current mods do. We don’t really care if you quit because you got demoted, it just shows how immature and un-loyal you are.

So yes, members who have been working hard recently will be awarded with the soon-to-be vacant mod spots, so keep up the good work member ranks!


I’m only a LIT but I’m not the only one who has noticed this. The troops are confused on who to listen to during battles, there is 5 leaders. Five leaders is too much, one or two people need to step down  to LIT for the sake of the army. I’m not saying this is going to happen, but I’m suggesting it needs to. Obviously I can’t do anything but here’s what I would suggest:

Leaders: SaW, Ganger & Jerry

LIT(s): Blizzard Cul & Unknown

This looks a lot more professional and it looks more realistic.

Thanks for reading this post, it took me about 15 minutes to make so sorry if it looks rushed.

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