To Golds

Post by Jerry

Honestly, how can you rate an entire army by the actions of one person? A person who isn’t even a leader? So what if this person helped in doxing or hacking of your website? Actions can be done to punish. But declaring war on us?

That’s just childish.

Listen to yourselves. Saying you want SWAT dead. We never physically or verbally attacked you. I tried creating an alliance with you. We don’t want to go to war with Golds. There isn’t a point or reason behind it.

1 person doesn’t define an army of many as a whole. 

Keep in mind that the offer is still on the table. It’s your choice if you accept it or not. Think about it. And choose wisely, because one can protect the things you hold most valuable and the other may harm it. Sleep on this.


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